ICOS PHARMA Laboratory Division

Laboratory Division

Sterilization and cleaning equipment, Isolation technology and decontamination

The Laboratory Division produces equipment for the washing, sterilization and decontamination of products used in the lab animal research facilities and research laboratories.
The products in this line are the perfect result of a strategic formula that calls for the implementation of advanced manufacturing methods, various control procedures and safe and reliable tests.

The entire range is manufactured according to laboratory standards cGLP and FDA regulations, using high-quality industrial components. High-quality finishing is ensured for both the process surfaces as well as for the areas of interface between clean and contaminated (BSL 3 and BSL 4) zones. ICOS provides the client with technical support both during the manufacturing and testing phase of the machine, and furnishes complete documentation.

Steam sterilizers for laboratories

For the sterilization of glassware and other items used in laboratory activities or life sciences applications.

Glassware washer disinfectors

Dedicated to the washing and drying glassware used in scientific laboratories.

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